What do these changes mean for me if I’m on a Legacy plan?

If your organization is on one of our legacy (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc) per-repository billing plans, you might be interested in switching over to our updated GitHub Team or GitHub Free plans. 

GitHub Team is now $4 per seat with no seat minimum. Here is a list of additional features that you’ll have access to by upgrading to GitHub Team: 

  • Repository insights graphs: Pulse, contributors, traffic, commits, code frequency, network, and forks
  • Draft pull requests
  • Autolinked references and URLs
  • Fine grained permissions (triage and maintain)
  • 3,000 GitHub Actions minutes in private repositories
  • 2GB GitHub Packages storage in private repositories

Organizations on GitHub Free can now create unlimited private repositories with unlimited collaborators. Here is a list of features you will lose access to by downgrading to GitHub Free:

  • Required reviewers in private repositories*
  • Protected branches in private repositories *
  • Code owners in private repositories*
  • GitHub Pages in private repositories* 
  • Wikis in private repositories*
  • Multiple assignees for issues and PRs in private repositories*
  • Multiple PR reviewers in private repositories*
  • Standard GitHub support

 * Still available in public repositories