What distro should I use?

Hey guys! I am super new to all of this and am trying to figure out some programs I need for school on my HP Chromebook. I have to get JAMOVI and there is a way to do it on the Chromebook but first I have to get Flatpak and I don’t know what distro to use (I installed Linux beta and have the little terminal now). Basically, should I go thru the set up guide https://flatpak.org/setup/ or should I do it by hand in the terminal like the little code think on the install page for JAMOVI.

Also, this is my second time doing all of this because I think I messed it up the first time and it got all screwy so I powerwashed my laptop and started over. Figured this time I would try and ask someone who knows more than me.

Thank you and please help!
Lucy :slight_smile:

(I also don’t really know where to post this so if anyone has a better idea of a group that would know how to help, please send me that way!)

The answer is “both”. You first need to set up Flatpak in general, and then use Flatpak to install Jamovi. The first part varies by distro, but for the ones I’ve looked at it’s generally “install the distro package for Flatpak” (which is good, in most cases it’s preferable to use distro packages where possible).

Which distro to use is largely a matter of taste and personal needs (things like: Do you already have a distro you’re used to and comfortable with? Do you prefer a stable environment or do you want the latest software? How comfortable are you using the command line?), or simply habit.

I’m not familiar with Jamovi, but from a glance at their website they seem to have a dedicated forum, including a “Help” section: https://forum.jamovi.org/

Thank you!!! I think I’ve installed Flatpak and the only part I’m confused about is on the flatpak set up guide the options it gives for choosing a distro. First, I don’t really know what a distro is. Second, there is an option for Chrome OS and being on a Chromebook I assumed that’s what I should use, but it was a whole mess the first time I set it up (hence the powerwash) so I was wondering if I should have chosen a different one?

I just used this https://flatpak.org/setup/Chrome%20OS/ which seems like it installed flatpak without going through the set up guide and I think it worked, does that mean I can install Jamovi now? Is this some kind of fancy work around or do I need to go back through the set up guide and try again? Also, if I need to do the set up guide, do you have a distro you would recommend? I literally know nothing.

This is the Jamovi install page (if you go to the very bottom there are commands you can put into the terminal) https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.jamovi.jamovi Should I just try the commands since I think Flatpak is installed?

I seriously apologize to everyone reading this who actually knows about this stuff. I’m sure I sound dumb but I have spent wayyyy too long trying to figure this out and ended up back where I started.

I’ll share this in the Jamovi forum too, thank you!!

“Distro” usually refers to a Linux distribution, very simply put an operating system built around the Linux kernel. Wikipedia has a good description:

If that’s what your Chromebook came with (probably!) and you didn’t install any other distro, yes! That selection for the Flatpak setup is meant for you to select the distro you are using, to give you fitting instructions.

The easiest thing might be to check if the flatpak command is available. Try running flatpak --help, that should give you a description of how to use it if it’s installed. If it is, go on with those instructions. :slightly_smiling_face: