what are the steps involved to migrate repository from github server to another server

I am trying to migrate repository from one github to another github server. Let me know the steps involved. Nothing should be missing all tags, branches, milstones, pull requests etc everything should be migrated. I would like to know step by step commands involved. 

Hi @ksvshankar,

To clarify your question, are you moving the repository from one GitHub Enterprise instance to another or are you doing something else?


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yes i am trying to move all the repositories from GitHub v2.9.8 to GitHub v2.13.1. Along with source code i need all the data/history/logs/attachment/milestone/labels/comments overall everything should be migrated. Both the Github instance should be similar. Which would be the effective method and If possible explained with steps/commands used.

I am interested to know are there any tools which helps us. It would be great if explained in details as i am new to github 

I am trying to move all the repository from v2.9.8 github instance to v2.13.1 github. Along with the data i am trying to push the milestones/labels/comments/attachment on v2.13.1 github.

v2.13.1 github has few repository on it.

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Hi @ksvshankar,

You will need to use the GitHub Enterprise data migration process. I recommend that you read the entire data migration guide before doing so as it will tell you how to test the data migration with a staging server and will tell you how to avoid data conflicts. IF this is your first time doing a migration of this sort, you may also want to contact GitHub Enterprise Support so that they are aware of your migration plans and can help out if you run into trouble.

Hope this helps!