What are the green ++ and red -- symbols?

Well, I’m a high school student so I’m not an actual programmer, just as a hobbie. But I like it and want to make my code free and open source (and I also want to start a project with a friend) so that’s why I started using GitHub. But I don’t use it very often, mostly becasue I have to study a lot, and I don’t know how it works.

So I don’t know what these green ++ and red – symbols besides the name of each contributor are. You can see them after you click on “Contributors”. Are they like the likes and dislikes of YouTube?

If so, wow, I got a couple of thousand and it kinda scares me to know that so many people have seen my code. Which is actually a good thing, cause that means that I will work hard to do it as good as I can so that people can enjoy and not hate my work.

If not, what are these crosses and lines?


Hi @fl4v1u5,

There are a lot of places in a github repository where you see the ++ and --. Most of the time indicates how many lines you add or remove. For example:


You have added from the initial commit of the repository to now 1998 new lines of code and delete/replace 84 lines of code. Most of the time when you work in a project that contains images, graphics, video or media files in general you have a big amount of ++ because github counts the lines of the binary file (I think).

If you want to see how many people watch your repository you need to go to the traffic on the insights tab:

The red one is the diagram of how many times the repository has been cloned.
The green one is the diagram of how many people have visited your repository.
The last blue is a summary of where the repository was discovered and which files are watched.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:  


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Woah, I had no idea. It does help a lot! Thank you very much, Grabriele!