what are the constraints on API results?

I’m having a hard time finding some information on the results we can get back from API v3. 

Does anyone know:

  1. How far back in time do results go?

  2. I know that for events you can only get 30 per page- what’s the maximum number of pages? (For example, Is it 10 pages- so the maximum number of events returned would be 300?)

I’m most interested in the answers to these questions for events, but also, more generally, for the other types of results too.

Thank you!

I was able to find the answer:

Events support pagination, however the per_page option is unsupported. The fixed page size is 30 items. Fetching up to ten pages is supported, for a total of 300 events.

Only events created within the past 90 days will be included in timelines. Events older than 90 days will not be included (even if the total number of events in the timeline is less than 300).

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