What are all the meta-data file types and locations (aka .github dir)

So I think I know all the GIT meta-data file types, stolen from stackoverflow:

  • .gitignore - List of blobs for git to ignore. Affects commands like git add and git clean.
  • .gitattributes - Let’s you define attributes on files (e.g., to change how files look in a diff).
  • .mailmap - Lets you tell git that duplicate names or emails in the history are actually the same person. Affects commmands like git shortlog -ns, or git log --format="%aN <%aE>".
  • .gitmodules  - Let’s you define submodules (subdirectories of your git repository which are checkouts of other git repositories).
  • *.keep  - Something to do with making git gc ignore packs. I couldn’t find much info on this, so I’m not even sure if it’s a file that you commit to the repository or just something that lives in .git. 

But what are the github specific meta files.  All I know of right now are:

  • .github/README.md - The default readme rendered on your main repo page
  • .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE  - The template use for new issue creation.
  • docs/  - Folder used to render Github Pages jekyll matter.

Any others that anyone could add, or correct?

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Hi @brianddk! :wave:

This is an interesting list to put together, thank you!

There are pull request templates to go alongside the issue templates you already mention:


You could probably add the various community health files such as CODE_OF_CONDUCT, CONTRIBUTING, and LICENSE to that list. They are detailed here:


The CODEOWNERS file might be another good addition:


Possibly dependabot.yml too?


The action.yml of GiHub Actions?


I wonder if there are more I’m forgetting about? :thinking: