What Approach / Methods Should I Use for Predicting Rice Yield?

I have a personal project. The task is to predict the next year rice yield.

I have 3 variables: Rice Yield (1995 - 2019), Productivity (2014-2019), and Harvested Area (2014 - 2019).

What approach / method should I use?

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Hey @tryarie, in my experience, this sounds like a classic linear regression problem. I made my own linear regression setup for one of my internships where I needed to use a bunch of different inputs to predict what the wind speed would be in 20 minutes. 

I suggest checking out this example which is the one that I used to make my linear regression setup: https://github.com/FluxML/model-zoo/blob/master/other/housing/housing.jl


Does that mean I have to use multiple linear regression?

Addendum 1:
I went to search for more data and acquired productivity (1995 - 2019) and harvested area (1995 - 2019).

Addendum 2:

Also, the data is actually per province.

Addendum 3:

On second thought, never mind. I think I know how to do it.

Thank you for helping me.