What after python?

I have learnt core python and learnt django and some more modules,I started coding on python 9 months ago.Now I am thinking to learn a new language,what it should be?
I thought of c++ but it doesn’t seem to have a bright future
I don’t wanna write drivers and all so not C
I need a fast compiled language.
I thought java but people say that it is very hard and it’s code is very very lengthy
And btw I am in school so I need a not so hard language

If you’re looking for a modern compiled language, look at Rust or Go. :slightly_smiling_face:

I disagree about the “hard” part, though that might be many years of experience talking, it was the first programming language I learned. :sweat_smile: I’d say lengthy is true compared to Python, though it doesn’t matter much if you’re using an IDE.

Ya true I use intellij for python so I can one ide and two langs