What achievements does GitHub have?

The Arctic Code Vault Contributor badge has been on my profile (and many others) for a while, but I’ve just now noticed it’s been upgraded to an achievement with its own icon:


What other achievements are there?

Also, is there a way to switch this display back to the more professional-looking text-only view? I wouldn’t want potential employers looking at my profile and thinking all I do on GitHub is game the system for fake points.

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We have a list of the badges here:

I can’t imagine we’re going to have multiple display options for the badges, but if you’d prefer to not have them on your profile, you can turn them off.


Switch to the text view is not possible but yes you can disable it from the settings

Everyone that I know thinks of github with a profession mindset. My $0.02 is with @rossjrw turning this into an achievement gamifies (and so diminished) the status.