What a news app ought to be?


We are looking forward to suggestions and asssistance in building a news app that would primarily serve people in India and the Indians living abroad.



Hi @raisinahill,

We’re glad you’re here :)

Please provide more details. This will make the community more likely to respond to your post. You may want to include what you are trying to achieve, what you have tried so far, and explain a bit about the project.  


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Thanks for your support and response.

We are a creative agency trying to manage our properties related to news content. We have three news content websites - two in English and one in Hindi. These sites cater to different tastes as they deal with independently different topics.

The general news website is https://raisinahill.com while the website catering to lifestyle and business content is https://gcaffe.com and the Hindi language news site is https://bharatbolega.com

First of all, we want to consolidate these three sites with better user interface for which we need advice and suggestions.

Secondly, we desire to build a news app which will carry news from the above three websites and should be capable to serve the tastes of readers in India and those Indians living in different countries. This news app will also carry news from other sources as well but primarily from our three sites.

We really need expert guidance and assitance to build the app besides help in consolidating our three websites.

Looking forward.

Thanks again.