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Hi all! I want to offer you a warm welcome to the Programming Help and Discussion board. Thanks for being here!

This board has two main purposes: 

  1. To provide an opportunity for developers to ask for help from their peers when struggling with programming concepts, and
  2. To give developers a space to discuss programming topics that range from the mundane such as opinions on programming tools and software packages to the more philisophical

This board is not a place to:

  1. Ask people to code for you
  2. Post job listings or contests

I’m sure that you might have a bunch of questions about this new board, so I’m going to answer what I can here. If you have additional questions, please let me know in the comments below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

How is this different from the Project Development Help and Advice board?

The Project Development Help and Advice board was our first attempt to create a space like this. We left the board pretty open so that we could accommodate the needs of different people who wanted to discuss their projects for different reasons. Unfortunately, we discovered that we may have left the purpose of the board too unclear, leading to a bunch of posts without responses.

Therefore, we decided to create this board with a more narrow focus and a more directed purpose to hopefully help people get the sort of help and connection that they’re looking for. If this board is a success, we may open additional boards in a similar way for other topics.

Is this board intended to compete with Stack Overflow?

Short answer: no. Stack Overflow is great at answering really specific technical questions and they have a great community of people answering those sorts of questions all the time. If you’re looking for help with a particular error or with a very specific programming question, you’re likely to find your answer there.

However, there are some sorts of questions and discussions that Stack Overflow doesn’t want to handle on its platform so that these technical questions don’t get diluted. Questions which are subjective in nature or involve a lot of discussions are ones that Stack Overflow has repeatedly turned away from their platform. We feel that these questions are still important even if they aren’t right for that platform and would like to provide a space here to have those discussions.

How can I get help with my programming question?

To get help with your programming question, it’s important that you follow a few guidelines.

  1. Use the “Programming Help” label on your topic. This will signal to everyone that you need help.
  2. Add another label to your topic that indicates the language or framework that you’re using. This will allow experts in those particular languages to filter through the available questions by the languages that they’re most able to help with. If the label you’re looking for isn’t available, please let us know in a comment below.
  3. Provide as much context as possible surrounding your question. Remember, the people who are here trying to help you probably haven’t heard of your project and don’t know the particular challenges that you’ve been dealing with. The more context you provide, the easier it will be for people to help you.
  4. Provide a link to a Gist, a pull request, or to code in your repository.  GitHub has a lot of tools for getting help and doing code reviews. It’s worth taking advantage of these tools to help yourself and the people working with you.
  5. When your question has been answered, mark your topic as solved. This will allow people to see at a glance which questions still need help and which ones have already been answered.
  6. Give kudoes to people who help you. Everyone likes to be recognized for their contributions. If someone has been genuinely helpful, give them a kudo is an easy way to thank someone and also to indicate to the community who the helpers are.

What do I gain for answering questions?

In addition to the warm, fuzzy feelings that come with helping others, answering questions and offering help is a great way to hone your skills, learn a new language, and ultimately influence the next generation of programmers. Answering questions regularly is also a great way to gain a reputation among your peers for being a helpful and friendly expert in your field.

Thanks again for joining us here! If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.


https://github.com/binsys/emmcdl/blob/master/src/emmcdl.cpp. Here the link that i want to create a programme with that binasys please anybody help me.

Hi @dbdbsss

Thanks for being here! To get help with your query, you will need to do a couple of things.

  1. Create a new topic. Currently, you’re replying to this welcome message, so other people aren’t likely to see your questions.

  2. Read the section of the above post titled, “How can I get help with my programming question?” and follow all of the steps in your new topic. It may seem tedious to do all of those things, but each and every one of them is important to getting help.

Please let me know if you need additional help.


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Hi @that-pat! Thanks for sharing this information.

I was wondering if I can ask questions about Python libraries and packages (Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, etc.) in the Programming Help and Discussion Board (I see I can talk about programming tools, but just wanted to confirm). If not, what might be the appropriate category for my questions?  Thank you in advance! 

Hi @raspberri-piethon, welcome! The Programming Help and Discussion Board would absolutely be the perfect place for general discussions around specific packages. Thanks for asking!

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Thank you so much, @that-pat! Much appreciated. Have a wonderful day! 

Hey guys!

I’m kind of new to this board, but I posted a question OperationalError and I didn’t ask for code or do job listings or anything but just asked for help, but nobody replied.

Is the title or description misleading or doesn’t make sense, because I can edit it if you want, or is it just because I really want to get over this error impatiently? :slight_smile:

Thank you,

  • Zoe K.

Hi @infinite-dreams!

Sorry that you didn’t get a response right away. Forum topics can take a little while to get a response and there is no guarantee that you will get a response on a given topic.

Additionally, this forum is specialized towards GitHub users more than it is for general programming help which means that there might not be someone here who has an answer for your specific error. You might need to look into a community focused on the specific technology that you’re using. 

Hope that helps!

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Oh, okay.

Thank you, @that-pat !

my plugins are not working correctly although  I adapted them to my theme,  http://gardenexpertdesign.com/hosta-plant-garden-designs/    for example, the robot txt plugin, I don’t understand how to fix it?

Hi @nata-gif,

Thank you for joining in on the community!  You will want to move this question to it’s own seperate post as mentioned here: Creating a New Post so that the question is more visible to the community members.

Thank you very much for your offer!

My Name Is Charles Windsor. I am an Englishman working in East Malaysia. 

We are currently in strict lockdown due to the World wide Corona Virus pandemic. yesterday it came to my notice that the world is runnung out of Hospital Ventilators which are desperately needed to save peoples lives. So I set myself the task of designing a cheep and simple to make Ventilator that Can be 3D printed by anyone who has a 3D printer and controlled by an Arduino. this also uses things that can be found in most homes.  

My resaon for posting this appeal, is to ask for help in the coding the device to drive one or 2 stepper motors to operate the air pump, with various alarm’s for safty. Although given time I can do this myself. There are people Dying who cannot weight for me to get over the learning curve. 

I am currently working on the simplest design that can also utilise things that are found in most homes. Once I have finnished the 3D moddleing which I am doing now. I will make the design freely available on Thinyverse, or for those wishing to improve my design I will send the STL files via Email. my Email adress is C.windsorcastle@gmail.com.    

Because of the strict Lockdown, I am designing this Ventilator arround what I have available here. I am dismantling one of my 3D printers for Parts. 

I want to use an Arduino Uno with a CNC Sheild, A4988 stepper drivers, and Nema 17 stepper motors and a 1602A LCD display (this came with my Arduino experiment kit).

I also have an Arduno Mega with a Riprap Board and full graphic display.

At this stage the softwear needs to drive the Stepper motor back and forth to operate the air pump. The number of turns the motor moves will need to be varied. This will deliver an amount of air oxigen mix to the patiant, the amount of air delivered needs to be set by the Doctor operating a dial, and a value (a patiant needs between 600 and 700 ML of Air/oxigen mix per breath) the unit also needs a second dial to vary the speed of breathing. 

The program needs to have endstops to limit movement, and must have alarm inputs and outputs to warn the medical team of over pressure or under pressure.

The program also needs another imput to actuate the breaing aperatus on demand for patiants who just need asisted breathing, this needs another imput to disable the demand breathing for forced breathing. 

At the moment that is the limit of the requirement. I would stress that I am not a medical professional, i am a scientist trying to do what I can in this World Wide crisis, but this aperatus will be tested by Doctors in a Dummy befor it gets used on any patiant, once the design is finalised, and the softwear is proven, it is intended that they can be reproduced by anyone with a 3D printer in 48 hours. 

Time is of the essence and together with everyones help we can save a lot of lives. 

I would very much apreciate and help form anyone in writing the neseccary softwear to make this project a reality.

The time where I am right now is 1:26 AM. i have been working in this for 26 hours now.

Thank you for your Time.

desperate need for help im brand new to this world. im using a chrome book with terminux trying to install git & github but im completely lost! anyh help tips or steps would be great!

also if this is the wrong forum im sorry like i said im new this is literally day1

*** EDIT*** 

im using termux and terminal on the chromebook

@optimusprime2020 wrote:

desperate need for help im brand new to this world. im using a chrome book with terminux trying to install git & github but im completely lost! anyh help tips or steps would be great!

also if this is the wrong forum im sorry like i said im new this is literally day1


Thank you for joining in on the community!  You will want to move this question to its own seperate post as mentioned here: Creating a New Post so that the question is more visible to the community members.

Did you try this tutorial?

i need help , do u create softwares with java netbeans ?