Welcome to the GitHub Support Community

The GitHub Support Community is a community of GitHub experts ready to answer your GitHub questions!

To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of important items for your review.

Code of Conduct

First and foremost, please read our Code of Conduct. All participants in the Community Forum will be expected to comply with it in all of their interactions within the Community, public or private. We work hard to provide and maintain a positive, productive, and fun atmosphere for all of our members; our Code of Conduct is key to that effort.

Additionally, please note that by participating in the Community Forum, you are also agreeing to the same Terms of Service that you agree to when using github.com.

Forum Organization

To help you become acquainted with the different boards and how to use them, we’ve created a small directory of how the boards are organized and what you can expect out of each one.

  • Welcome and Announcements - To learn more about the GitHub Support Community and how to get started here, check out the Welcome and Announcements category.
  • How to use Git and GitHub - If you have a question about GitHub, check out the How to use Git and GitHub category.
  • GitHub Actions - For questions, feedback, and troubleshooting tips around GitHub Actions, check out the GitHub Actions category.
  • GitHub Packages - Any questions related to GitHub Packages and how to manage your packages; upload, download, and delete.
  • GitHub Pages - If you have a question about GitHub Pages, check out the GitHub Pages category.
  • GitHub API Development and Support - If you’re building a GitHub App or working with the GitHub API, check out the GitHub API Development and Support category to ask questions and share feedback
  • GitHub Learning Lab - Share feedback and ask questions about GitHub Learning Lab in our GitHub Learning Lab category.
  • Programming Help and Discussion - If you would like feedback on programming concepts, tools, languages and frameworks, check out the Programming Help and Discussion category.
  • Project Development Help and Advice - If you have a question or request for help on a project you’re working on, check out the Project Development Help and Advice category.
  • Events - To find out about upcoming GitHub-hosted or sponsored events, check out the Events category.

A few other important tips and tricks  - Some things to keep in mind when posting in the Community Forum

  • The GitHub Support Community now supports Markdown! Use all of your favorite Markdown to display code and share images.

  • Don’t forget to mark accepted solutions to your questions. If another user responds to a question you post in the Forum with a really good answer, mark it as the accepted solution. This helps others quickly navigate to the answer, and also boosts your post higher in the discussion rankings and list.

Other Places to Learn about GitHub

The GitHub Community Forum is the place to talk and learn about pretty much all things GitHub, but we have a few other communities that focus on more specific and specialized areas. Check them out below:

  • Atom Community - Talk, learn, and problem solve with fellow Atom users in the Atom Forums

  • GitHub Education Community - Geared primarily toward educators, the GitHub Education Community is a supportive environment to tell your story, ask questions, and share resources about technology education.

  • Open Source Maintainers Community - The Open Source Maintainers Community is a place for open source maintainers on GitHub to collaborate with each other.

Other Ways to Get Help

Do you have a question that has to do with your personal data, account, or anything you wouldn’t want shared in a public forum? Send a message to our Support staff using our customer support portal.

Once again, welcome to the GitHub Community Forum. We’re so glad you’re here, and we look forward to helping you connect, learn, and grow with your fellow Community members!