Welcome to "Studies in community"

This is a series of articles dedicated to taking a look at various aspects of managing a community, typically involving an open-source project. We’ll cover subjects like how to best organize a community, what to do about problem users, what methods work best to communicate with users and why, and many others from the strategic to the tactical.

I’m Lee Dohm, GitHub’s Open Source Community Manager. I’ve been working on the Atom editor since it launched publicly in February of 2014, first as a volunteer and then in January of 2016 as an official GitHub Community Manager for Atom and Electron. Since then, I’ve branched out to support all of GitHub’s many open source projects in one form or another, including GitHub Desktop and the recent Site Policy open source repository.

What areas of community management are you interested in learning more about? We’d love to hear from you and will take your feedback into consideration with future articles.