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GitHub Enterprise Best Practices  | Automating Releases in GitHub Enterprise

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I signed up days ago since I have studied myself at W3School. Now I just read HTML, CSS, JavaScripts and I also search other languages for studying. I have studied Visual Basic years ago for months but I hope I can stack my career up as I have got other major. Definitely, I hope to develop with front end languages. Thanks for reading!

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Awesome @jacobkim9881 Welcome! You are well on your way to a great stack, we’re looking forward to seeing you around!

Back to share this really great roadmap.


I introduce myself.

I’m new in GitHub. I’m System Engineer. I have 4 years of experience in web develop, especifically: JavaEE(Spring, Jsf, Jpa, Jax-ws, jax-rs, ejb, hibernate, mybatis, etc), C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Databases (Sql Server, Oracle, Postgres, Mysql), Applications Servers (Tomcat, WAS, Wildfly).  I like so much the web develop, new technologys, frameworks, etc. I would like learning more topics. 

Sorry for my english. It’s really basic. 

Lennin Cubas, 25 years old, from Peru.

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Welcome, @lenncv93!,

Thanks for being here! 4 years of experience in web developing is like 100 years in other jobs :). We’re looking forward to seeing you around!