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Greetings, my name is Jonathan Villarreal, I am starting in web development, work and share ideas about the different languages ​​used by each programmer, I would like to receive greetings in Spanish since I do not clearly speak Spanish.

Hi!  My name is Osman Zakir.  I like to use C++ and JavaScript, though I’m still learning.  I’m also interested in Node.js and WebAssembly.  I know enough HTML and CSS to get by, and I can easily search or ask about what I don’t know or am unsure about.  

I wanted to ask about GitHub Pages CNAMEs.  I have a GitHub Pages served at https://www.osmanzakir.dynu.net (this is a CNAME).  I have a CNAME file in the GitHub repository and I also added a CNAME record to my DDNS records for the subdomain on dynu.com pointing to https://dragonosman.github.io .  But although I can get to the site on my laptop, I can’t do so using my phone at all.  I’m using an iPhone 5S and it’s connected to my network.  

I’ve seen another threada about the problem, but I don’t think it can help me which is why I’m asking here.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Please can someone brief me about this python software

Well, hello people of Github.

Hi there, 

I’m Anthony! It is a pleasure to meet me! (Goku voice) :) 

Hi  @jonathanvillarreal


We are happy to have you here!

Hi @dragonosman,

Happy to have you here! 

Regarding your GitHub Pages question, since your question is different than other topics in the GitHub Pages board regrading CNAME. Please create a new topic in that board. This means you’ll get better engagement on your post, and it keeps our Community organized so users can more easily find information. Thank you!


Welcome, @prince1668!

Happy to have you here. I would recommend checking out the Programming Help and Discussions board to learn more about python or feel free to open a new topic. 

Well hello, @thinkverse. Welcome! Happy to have you here!

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Hi @tonythetiger1021

Welcome! Glad you are here!

Hi my name is Antonio I live in South Africa started coding with python in February so still a noob…

Hey Antonio! Thanks for being here, I think there are quite a few Pythonistas here so you’ll be in good company :slight_smile: