Weekly Welcome 3 August, 2018

Hello GitHub Community Forum :smileyvery-happy:

This here is our Weekly Welcome post, where we like to welcome new members to the GitHub Community Forum and make it easy to find out about some of the week’s hottest topics and important events.

Please make yourself at home and start exploring all the different areas of the Community Forum. We have some great resources to help you get started; you can find those listed in our Community Forum Resources. You can also find out about current and future events by checking out the information below.

And if you’re so inclined, don’t forget to say hello!* If you’re new here, reply to this topic and introduce yourself. You can share a little about who you are, what language you like to code in or learn more about, what you want to learn about using GitHub, and/or what you hope to get out of the Community Forum. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Event feature | [js13kGames

](/t/featured-event-js13kgames/13042)*Note: If you want to say “hi” to your fellow Community members, we encourage you to do so! However, please say hello in a reply to this Topic, instead of opening a brand new Topic. We try to reserve Topics for specific questions, idea discussion, or information sharing. Moving forward, any “Hello”-type Topics will be locked, and the author will be redirected to the most recent Weekly Welcome to introduce themselves to the Community.


Hi Everyone
I’m kullboys and I’m a new member.
I’m happy to be familiar with you.

Welcome @kullboy, we’re glad to have you here!


Hi @lasitha851! Welcome to the GitHub Community Forum :slight_smile:


I am pleased to be part of GitHub community. I’m an absolutely beginner and I’m curious to learn more about open source projects and participate. I’m going to explore GitHub Repository in order to be able to work on it and collaborate with the community.

But my main concern was searching for a solution to encrypt my website. Am I right or out of place? I am using quite an old version of  i-MSCP (1.1.18) and would like to update it.   I look forward to your support


Hello Github,

My name is swapnil from India .I knew the basic language of programming C,C++.

Now I want to upgrade my programming knowledge to ‘Python’ level.

I also wants to learn JSON…

Surely Github is for that only…isn’t it?

Thank you. 

Welcome, @swapnilshine! We’re very glad to have you here!

I’m excited about your learning journey. 

You may want to check out these GitHub Guides, to learn other things you can do with GitHub. 

The GitHub Learning Lab is also a great place to jump-start your learning. 

Best of luck!

Welcome, @thesou03! We’re very glad to have you here!

You may want to check out the Open Source Guides to help you with getting started. 

You could start a conversation in the Project Development and Advice board to learn what other people use as a solution to encrypt their website. If you don’t get a lot of feedback, you may want to try reviewing specific repositories for encryption.

Looking forward to seeing you around the community. :smiley:

Hello Github friends!

I’m student at the University of Minnesota pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Math. I have some experience in software development through industry internships, but I’m looking to engage more with the Github community to get involved with open source projects.

Hi @schmiter,

We’re very glad to have you here!

You may want to check out the Open Source Guides to help dive into Open Source.


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tell me more about github

Hi @shikunye,

Happy to explain a bit more about GitHub!

At its core GitHub is a source code host for anything from web applications to homemade spacecraft. GitHub works best when you use it to share your work with other people but we make no requirement that you do so.

If you want to restrict access to your source code we do offer private repositories with our paid plans. If you’re part of a company or organization we have Organization accounts that make keeping track of permissions and collaborators easier.

For more information check out https://github.com/features.

Hope this helps! And welcome to the GitHub Community Forum!