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A good morning to you. alow me to introduce myself. my name is robert malloy and i am here because i have fullishly taken it upon myself to make an application for a token listing on Etherdelta because of conversations i was having on twitter regarding why i could buy a token i was interested in but could not find it in the pull down menu on etherdelta. i have done enough research of other such requests to make me feel it was something i could attempt and hopefully achieve hense why i have arrived here. i am in no ways technically minded and anyone who knows me would indeed be very suprissed i have gotten this far ! i have submitted an issue request  


however i have no idea if i need to anything else or what happens next. thank you for any help/advise you are willing to provide to me and thank you for taking the time to read this.

yours most humbly


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Hello, and welcome to the GitHub Community Forum!

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Hi Robert! Welcome to the GitHub Community Forum!

When you’re looking for help with a project hosted on GitHub, opening an issue in the project’s repo is often a great first step! As far as that goes, I don’t think there’s anything else for you to do there but wait for a response. 

That said, I was able to discover that that particular project appears to have some official guides and support linked on their website. I’d recommend checking those out for potentially quicker help.

And as far as working on GitHub and with open source projects in general, we have a lot of resources to help you get started! I’d recommend checking out:

  • Our Hello World guide starts with the very basics of working on GitHub
  • Similarly, our new Learning Lab walks you through real-time tutorials to learn some of the important ins and outs of GitHub and working in open source
  • Our Open Source Guide is an amazing resource for learning about how to contribute to open source, start a project of your own, and find other great information on open source

I hope this helps! And welcome, again!