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  • GitHub Enterprise Best Practices | High availability and disaster recovery
  • Studies in Community | Finding Helpers

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My Self Udit Gupta, right now I am working as a Senior Technical Consultant at Shree Tech Solutions in New Delhi, India, as well am running a Tech community in my local region (New Delhi, India) as the name of TechTalks and IoTBharat and side by side I am researching on cybersecurity. 

From last 2 months, I start using GitHub after suggested one of my friend. I am very impressed from github about version control.

I am looking help and support from the GitHub community if possible for our local community.



Udit Gupta 

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Hi @uditwapt,

Welcome to the GitHub Community Forum! We’re glad you’re here :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you. I’m new in here.
this my logo


Thanks @nadiajoyce

How can I connect with you? Need to talk related to local communities. 

What kind of support are you looking for? Are you seeking sponsorship for a local community initiative? If so, I’d check out:


If you’re looking for some other kind of support, can you please elaborate so I can point you in the right direction. Thanks!

Hello everyone from Chandler AZ! I’m an old civil engineer looking to get into some programming without any prior experience! Blindly throwing myself into this and welcome any advice or mentor to help this old fool that may have bitten off more than expected. Trying, for the first time, to use linux Ubutu mate and actually was successful in loading it on an old laptop. Now to figure out how to learn that too! But hi guys!



Hello @cptkirkam56 Welcome to the GitHub Community Forum! We’re glad you’re here!

HI all,
I’ve just embarked on a second career retraining , having programmed in Fortran and Cobal with a bit of Pascal… But that was 30 years ago! I love Python and My knowledge is really rudimentary, but it seems to offer so much…
I’m here to learn, and learn some more…

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Hi @olaf849,

Thanks for being here! Welcome to the GitHub Community Forum!

I remember those, man…you must be old like me! Always keep on learning is my motto so good luck. Your way more advanced than I, my vocation was material and actual building things, kinda simple when it comes down to it. But early exposure to electronics in the Air Force PMEL program left me with the knowledge about how everything electronic worked so…