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New from Universe 2019: GitHub for mobile, GitHub Archive Program, and more

Explore announcements we made on day two of Universe for our work on secure development and community momentum for automating workflows with contributions to GitHub Actions and Packages.

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I am new to GitHub but not to software. I have a website PineTreeJoe.com.  I plan to make some software open source as soon as I learn enough GitHub. This is the first open source project I have done. It is possible to download executable versions now.

One item is a tree structured editor. There are many of these but it served the purpose of being an easy way to write a help file for an application.

The other program is a program independent text snippet manager. Because it doesn’t fit in a know category it is harder to explain. If you reuse any pieces of text it is good.

In both cases all the source code is C# winforms. My main interests are software tools that do not require an internet connection.