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In this weekly post, we like to welcome new members to the GitHub Community Forum and make it easy to find out about some of the week’s hottest topics and important events.

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Thanks for the warm welcome admins.
I am George Odamtten, an undergraduate, pursuing a BSc. in IT. I am an African, a proud Ghanaian for that matter and speak mainly English.
I have had much interest in gadgets and computers way back in elementary school but, a complete newbie to the current trending topics in IT. I have a keen interest in Programming and currently on C++ on Sololearn.
I was looking for a programming community and was glad to find this. I must say, I am very impressed with what I see hear. Vast resources and experts to aid one along his dream in emerging technologies.
Hoping to make a wave and impact in my small little way to the world today. Thanks devs for this great work done :slight_smile: God bless

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Hi @melchusod,

Happy to have you here! We are glad you found us. 

We are excited to be a part of your journey. Please make yourself at home. 


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I am a middle-aged man from China. I work in a lot of industries, so I am not very skilled. I have worked for 20 years, doing website production, chef, computer repair, Apple software development, domain name trading, network layout, architecture, travel and more. I am still doing program development, and I am happy to share my Apple developer account. If you are interested, you can add my skype communication, it is [edited by moderator]

Welcome, @wzc1011! Happy to have you here.

Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum! Sounds like you have a lot of skills!

Your post was edited because it contained potentially sensitive information. We discourage users from sharing such information in our public forum, as it can create security and privacy risks for the poster, as well as other users.

If you’d like to invite other Community Forum members to collaborate or work with you, we recommend sharing a link to the GitHub repo in which the project you are working on exists. By sharing the link to your project repo, with some information on what your project is, you can invite others to collaborate with you by communicating via issues or pull requests within your project repo. Additionally, you can add others as outside collaborators on your project repo(s) to give them special permissions to help you develop your project(s).


Hello.  Some one from Poland its here?  I need support in my language. 

Thx. Pozdro.

Hi @valdi69,

Thanks for being here!  Unfortunately, we don’t currently have moderators for languages other than English. What this means is that, until that changes, we need to ask that everyone use English here in the GitHub Community Forum when posting. 

Hello everyone. I am new here and eager to learn from the open source community.
Looking forward to help me out in giving me a start…

Hi @lalama2888,

Thanks for being here! Have you checked out our article on how to contribute to OSS? There is also a guide at https://opensource.guide/

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing you around!

Hello nice to meet you

Hi @samsul1212,

Happy to have you here.