Weekly Welcome 20 July, 2018

Hello GitHub Community Forum :smileyvery-happy:

This is our Weekly Welcome post, where we like to welcome new members to the GitHub Community Forum and make it easy to find out about some of the week’s hottest topics and important events.

Please make yourself at home and start exploring all the different areas of the Community Forum. We have some great resources to help you get started; you can find those listed in our Community Forum Resources. You can also find out about current and future events by checking out the information below.

And if you’re so inclined, don’t forget to say hello!* If you’re new here, reply to this topic and introduce yourself. You can share a little about who you are, what language you like to code in or learn more about, what you want to learn about using GitHub, and/or what you hope to get out of the Community Forum. We look forward to hearing from you!

This Week’s Happenings

Helpful and Popular Topics:

git clone is not working for a private repo

Coming soon in the GitHub Community Forum:

  • Support Protips | Best Practices for orgs
  • Studies in Community | Why empathy matters

Welcome to the GitHub Community Forum! We’re happy you’re here.

Your GitHub Community Forum Team

* Note: If you want to say “hi” to your fellow Community members, we encourage you to do so! However, please say hello in a reply to this Topic, instead of opening a brand new Topic. We try to reserve Topics for specific questions, idea discussion, or information sharing. Moving forward, any “Hello”-type Topics will be locked, and the author will be redirected to the most recent Weekly Welcome to introduce themselves to the Community.


Hi, my name is Derick and I’m relatively new to coding/programming. I have cool ideas, but still lack a lot of knowledge. Learning as I go. Hope to chat to some of you soon as I am studying and working alone. No peers to communicate with.:cry:


Welcome, @degreeck! We’re glad you’re here.

You are with good company here :smiley: 

Here’s a cool resource to add to your knowledge: https://lab.github.com/.

If you end up jumping into the Learning Lab and have questions, feel free to post in the GitHub Learning Lab board.



Relatively new here. I am career changer. Switched from acturail sciences to programming. Hope to make most out of my career change decision and this community. 

Cheers :-) 


Hi @boreddeveloper!

We are glad to have you! Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum!

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my name is Shahzad. I am so glad to find this site and you. I am a student and I research on pose detection. I am going to run and study a relative program that I find here. I still lack a lot of knowledge. I am going to learn more and more. I hope to find some peers to communicate to run and study the program that I told. 


Welcome, @icanlearn2018! We’re very glad to have you here!

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Hi, I’m Alan, I’m new to Github, I’m also programming, some basic knowledge of Java and OOP, PHP, I hope to learn more, I want to learn how to make websites.


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Hi Alan! Nice to meet you. We’re super glad you’re here! If you didn’t know already, you can make websites with GitHub Pages. We have a great written series on how to do this in our Support Protips and there’s a wonderful course on GitHub Learning Lab for GitHub Pages, too.

Thanks so much for being here!