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Hello Everybody!!!

I go by David and I am very new here. Currently achieved the fact that I’m recieving my Internet Authoring State Certification in the mail soon. Anyways, I have gained the knowledge of working with CSS, HTML, HTML5, PYTHON, SQL, JAVA and gained other knowledge in other programming languages but not as elaborate as the one’s listed already although I am open to learning more!

I have made several steps to get things started and began putting a portfolio together. I am looking and willing to explore what I can do to contribute to anything that can help me and to help others to become great programmers!


Hello Everyone,
Myself Tarun, I am a first year undergrad. I love to code in C and C++ and recently I have started to learn frontend (CSS and Java Script).
I would like to contribute to any project.
Please reply if you find me able to assist you in your project.

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Hello there fellow coders :-) 

I’m a Java software eng. from Belgium. 
Though in my free time I’ll play around with other languages. At the moment, mostly with Go but I still try to get some Haskell (:heart:) and Python in as well. 

~ Dylan

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Finally! Cheers you guys.

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Hello Everyone,

I am a fan of Python. I like Github:laughing: I like this idea.

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Hi there,

My name is Tran. I have joined Github a long time ago but without certain direction so I quit few months after that. Recently, I start to be active again and catch up my knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript.

I am a business administration and marketing student. Although it may sound irrelevant to coding, I believe that everyone should know how to code even the simplest code lines. For me, by learning to code, I also develop 2 things: The systematic way of thinking of a developer and their problem-solving attitudes, which can be beneficial in business development.

I hope to make new friends who have same interests (both coding and doing business) and would like to collaborate on future projects. I’m also interested in group or pair study because I find it quite distracting if I learn alone. Can’t keep myself to the schedule sometimes. I’m native in Vietnamese, have a good command of English and a strong interest in Chinese, too :D. Nice to meet you all.

Thanks guys :wink:



i’m web eng usgin php and fuelphp.

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I’m Omar from Egypt … I’m a mechanical engineer but I love programming … I started to learn many different programming languages but finally I decided to concentrate on 3 of them: C, Python and Kotlin.

I believe that the best way to learn programming is participating in real projects so i’m asking people here to accept me as volunteer in their projects to give me a chance to learn more and more.

I’m waiting your help.

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Thank you for this forums, hope you’ll succeed with this. Q: there will be more forums? for example, would be great to have programming languages forums for each language.

Do you want to see 50 forum of GitHub?

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 why not? im sure that most of active users will focus on their corner and will not pay attention on it.

on other hand you’re right…we have other sources for this kind of corners :slight_smile:

Hi @icecore2! Great question! We will be expanding the boards that are offered in the Community, but we’re allowing the users of the Community to help inform this. Based on behavior, trends in questions, and other things that we will be tracking, we’ll add more boards as time goes on. Thank you for the question and the feedback!

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Hi, folks i am newbie and would like to do a project in java and C++.

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Level of newbie?

Hello Everyone!

I’m an undergrad in Electrical Engin. I’m currently learning C++, Java, and I’m aspiring to improve!


Ohayou, everyone! I’m developer C++ from Russia. I study boost memory-mapped files now. I’ll glad to suggestions and discussions.

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Hello all. This is Kiran from India. Graduated in electronics and communications. I learned C, Python3. I have knowledge of HTML & CSS, Networking, java and other computing stuff. I want to became a software developer. Any bady have knowledge or experience in software development please help me.

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Hi every one !

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