Webview output is sometimes very delayed

As said in title, sometimes the console output shown in webview is delayed by as much as a vew minutes. I haven’t been able to find any pattern to it. It just seems to happen randomly, for a random amount of time. Especially visible on steps that take a long time to complete.

If the build hangs for any reason, the output never gets shown at all, making debugging very difficult if not impossible if you don’t have direct access to the OS it’s compiled on (like mac).

Hi @barteks2x ,

According to the policy, it’s recommended to raise a feedback ticket here about the output deply.

Regarding that no output due to build hangs, please enable debug logging, cancel the job and wait the workflow to complete for a double check. 

Recently there is an issue for macOS, the build failed without enough error message, please refer to the ticket for more info, i have created an internal ticket and it’s being tracked.