Website works locally but GitHub Pages show an empty page

Hello everybody, I have an issue which I was trying to solve for last few days. Here is my simple website repo: . Here is the whole story: 

  1. I created a website locally using create react app. 

  2. I put it into my new github repo and followed the documentation to publish it using github pages.

  3. It used to work fine before I decided to make some changes in a few files and push them to the repo.

  4. After that I have noticed that changes do not apply on github pages and I still see the same website as before.

  5. I figured out that I have 2 branches (master and gh-pages). Then I realized that I have beed applying all the changes to master branch but my website was publishing from gh-pages branch source. So I switch the source to master branch and deleted gh-pages branch

  6. Since then it does not uplad an html file and I only see an empty page. Here are an errors I see on a console 

    Here are the soultions I already tried but they did not work for me:

  7. Choosing a Jekyll theme (on some forums people say that it could be a problem even if the website does not use Jekyll)

  8. Putting an html file into main folder

  9. Changing github pages source (no matter what source I choose it is still not working)

  10. Changing an html file path 

  11. Deleting an old repository and putting all local files into a new repository

  12. Cleaning chrome browser cache

If someone knows what am I doing wrong and why I get this errors please let me know what is it. I will appreciate any help.

Problem was solved when I found this resource ( ) and figured out that I need to install gh-pages package which creates gh-pages branch in my github repo and follow the instructions.

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