Website speed and Indexing Issues on Google search console


i am working on my property buying and selling website in Pakistan.

The above website is full of images and content. That is why is have splitied it into desktop version and a mobile version so the load on servers at one time is distributed in to half.

Desktop Version :

Mobile version :

Now my problems are of 2 diffrent nature now 

  1. Website has crawl issues and inddexing issues
  2. My websire ranking and keywords have been lost rapidly in last 2 months.

My blog is about Blue World City Islamabad 

In my google search console i have error telling me i have indexing issue? I can only think of robot txt file blocking part of the content or website which is not allowing all the content to index?? 

Secondly My Google Adwords campaign is showing not optimised @78%. One of the main reasson is above link ( is too slow to open. Accoring to google recent algorithm speed is one of the bisggest factor for google ads and  organic ranking factors.If the website is not fast enough it won’t rank well.

*Now  my questions are why is my content not indexing properly?

*Having 2 variant of same domain ( and ( are they not creating any problem for google to confuse between both versions and not rank the content?

 *My first priority is a mobile website in my google search console?

*Why is my website showing 88% fast on desktop version and 41% on mobile version on google speed test?

Any answers are welcome and if i am missing anything a dose of guidence will be appriciated… Thanks

I have same problem with my website. Look at the website & suggest me what to do please