Website scraper

I’d like to scrape this movie website “”. Display the movies and choose a movie to play. Can someone give me a hint how to do it.
Is there a sofware I can use to do it or it need a complicated programming process.

The website is “

Well, you could give us some more information to begin with.

  • On what platform do you want your app to run? It kind of makes a difference if you are going to build an app for iOS or a web app.

  • What programming languages do you already know and do you plan on learning some?

This website is a free movies website with ads. I’d like to build an android apk to display these movies and when I click on the movie . The movie will play without ads.
I know sone HTML and python. But not much.

You should probably learn another language since making an Android app with Python can be hard:

Here is an article that introduces you to Android dev:

Maybe using React Native is something for you? Here are 2 video’s of a YouTuber that I find very interesting to look at:

Good luck!

Hi there mpboom!

I’m an student from Spain this is my last year in the University, and I study bussines and enterprise but I want to do a final project about price value of cars, and I was looking so many tutorials for create a Python scrap with Spider but is to different and I have many problems and I dont have formation of Python but I would like to learn if it necessary to do this. 

I need help with this the page is call, please if you know something or somebody can help me write me please . Thank you so much!