Website not working

Hey everyone. I have been trying to set up a website with GitHub Pages and it did work when I first made it. Now however, the page won’t work and it redirects to my old webhost website. Also if I try adding the /index.html it doesnt work, it just takes me to a github 404.

Website link:

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I have tried deleting the repository and re-uploading it. I even went as far as to delete my github account.

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The link doesn’t redirect now but the website still doesn’t exist to github.

Hey @alubjamsejosne,

I’m able to see your page just fine, are you still having issues?

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Hi Andrea, I have fixed the issues regarding the website not working. All I had to do was reset my browser stuff. Also this is my orginal account because of all of these issues. Thanks for your responce - Alub.


Hey, can you help me out with the same issue?

I have a repo in the organization with the name as [organisationname] but I am not able to open the site with a domain like

Instead, it opens like[reponame]

Same issue here with

Can someone help?


A very similar issue with me too. My website has been hosted through Github for over 2 years now, but I am suddendly not able to load my site. 

Please help,

Thank You

Although it is not mentioned in the guide, it seems that it is mandatory to select a theme from settings. The page was rendered immidiately after this. Please refer here for detailed answer.


I have the same problem and I don’t understand what you mean by resetting your browser stuff


I have the same problem and I don’t understand what you mean by “resetting your browser stuff”


This was the right answer for me. Thanks!

website not publishing on

please tel me…

Worked for me. Thank you.

Even I have the same problem please help

Mine is not working to

The link is:

can you explain what you mean “resetting your browser stuff”?

Hi! I deployed my react website but i can’t see anything but if i go to the google inspector i can see the components and stuff from my website. What am i doing wrong?

Here the link for the website React App

somebody help me please this is my website it worked till the time I reloaded the page

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