Website not loading in US

Hello, I’m having trouble connecting to my site from the US. However, if use a VPN to connect to somwhere such as France it will work.

This trouble usually happens when you’ve got DNS records that are pointing towards multiple places.

It looks like this site’s DNS is set to point towards Cloudflare IPs:

In the past I’ve usually seen 2 IPs pointing towards Cloudflare, but in this case there’s 3. Not sure if that’s the issue though as Cloudflare’s DNS proxy makes it impossible to tell if the issue is here, or with the DNS records you’ve set up on Cloudflare’s side.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings from Cloudflare’s settings panel?

It looks like it works now :slight_smile:
It just fixed itself, I didn’t change anything.

Fair enough! It could have just been DNS taking time to propagate :sweat_smile: Glad it’s fixed!