Website hangs when trying to enable 2-factor authentication

I’m trying to set up 2-factor authentication with a TOTP app on my pc. I’ve scanned the QR code and added github to my app but when I enter the OTP provided and hit continue, the button just shows a loading spinner and sits there.

What can I do?

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Same problem here. I’m using an iPhone and have tried the TOTP apps “Authenticator” and “Authy”. Sometimes the 2-factor authentication page does go through and say that it worked, and I click “Done”, and then when I go back to my account it still asks if I want to set up 2-factor authentication. Other times it just hangs, as in the original question.

Same here just now while setting up in Edge on my PC. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

In the end I managed to get round it using the SMS option and repeatedly clicking “Send Code” until it suddenly worked… Not really a workaround but if it reproduces, might help some people to make some progress at least

Same here, just came here to find help with this issue. Is this some new issue that surfaced these days?

Having the same issue here. It seems that it works on the first round showing that the activation is complete but I don’t get the recovery code (done with Google TOTP)
Then returning to the settings, they still ask for the 2FA to be setup, but the loading spinner keeps going without moving forward…same trying with SMS.

Hey folks—thanks for all the reports about this. Indeed, there was an issue affecting a small number of users that we fixed a few days ago. I’d suggest trying to setup two-factor authentication again: there shouldn’t be any issues this time around.