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I’ve just a few minutes ago registered an account here and attempted to use the site. Here’s my (mostly negative) constructive feedback:

The resources of the site might be valuable, but they aren’t discoverable using main-stream web search engines, so the effort anyone makes contributing to this forum is wasteful and unhelpful to the global set of users. Compare to contributing to stackexchange, which is discoverable.

Mos uestions here are going to relate to a github user’s identity, account, and repositories - but those aren’t tightly linked to this site. For example, my search was for a github API to be
able to STAR any repository linked to by repository MELPA/MELPA and collect the number of STARs of those repositories so the MELPA/MELPA repository can report popularity of it links. This sites search turned up one false-positive result, two years old.

The former system of tickets was easier to use, seamless with the github experience.

If this “project” is an experiment to get third parties to lurk on your community forum and contribute to helping others, has it been given enough time produce data whether it’s working or not? I have a stackexchange account and contribute there because it’s easy and discoverable; I don’t see that happening here.

Hi @Boruch-Baum :wave:

Welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Your feedback is valuable and we appreciate you taking the time to write up your thoughts, here.

From my read of your submission, there are a couple concerns that we might be able to address. Though, the consideration for the overall intent for the existence of this space is maybe something I can’t speak to as a single person, who happens to be employed by GitHub.

If I understand correctly, your difficulty with the site has been:

  • Discoverable content from outside searches (a Google, or DDG search, doesn’t return content from our Community Forum)
  • Discoverable content from within the Community’s built-in search functionality is lacking, or inaccurate
  • General lack of functionality from a past iteration of our Community forum

Of these, I think it would be great to understand a bit more about what your expectations might be, and what you believe to be missing. Though I’ll try to provide my perspective on these points:

Discoverable content from outside searches

Here, I must disagree that our Support Community does get elevated in standard search results, very often. Like you and other folks who work in tech/software, I’m often searching for answers with broad search terms in Google, or DuckDuckGo. Since I’m looking to solve answers here, I must say that I do see our own content returned fairly often.

Discoverable content from within the Community’s built-in search is lacking

Here, is where I would agree. Our Support Community is a custom instance of Discourse and it’s search functionality is what it is. Though having some inaccurate search results to me, doesn’t seem quite so egregious. I do agree that it is lacking when compared with a search on the open internet. Though with a Google search you could always do a prefix for content you’re interested in, as a workaround to using the built-in search.

General lack of functionality from a past iteration of our Community forum

Since this Discourse instance is less than a year old, I could understand that there may have been functionality in the previous iteration that is missing that you enjoyed. Would you mind expanding on what functionality you are missing? Perhaps there’s an opportunity to improve, given your memories of what the forum used to be.

Thanks again for your submission and I hope you keep well. :bow:

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