Website extremely slow after migration


I moved from a webhoster to another one.

This website runs WordPress 4.9.3 and uses the theme Newspaper 9.0.1. I have PHP 7.0 and I use Cloudflare (but the problem happened before I set up Cloudflare).

This website used to be fast as a rocket and now it takes 20 to 40 seconds to upload (backoffice or frontoffice, same problem).

I contacted my new webhoster several times and they ran many tests but always came back to me saying that everything is fine.

The weird thing is that it uploads in less than a second for some people and in 20/40sec for some other ones (like me).

2 web developpers had a look at it and both of them came back to me saying that they couldn’t find any problem.

I’m desperate. I really don’t know what else to do and I can’t even work on it anymore as it’s extremely annoying to wait for ages after every refresh.

Please help me :slight_smile:

And I get lots of errors 500 + 504 + 524 + 525 in Google Search Console…

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