Webscraping github wiki pages with PHP

We’re working on a web app for our users. It’s just a basic form that automates most of the more complicated stuff in the background for our users.

Each form field includes tooltips to explain what kind of data is expected from the user. This info can be found on our Github Wiki pages. Obviously we could just copy / paste everything. But it would be easier for maintenance if that info was directly pulled from the Wiki instead.

I can easily pull all the textual data from the Wiki using basic webscraping techniques. But this isn’t very helpful since I’m trying to pull text for each topic (basicly text underneath each anchor). I suppose I could do this using regex, but chances of that breaking as soon as the Wiki is updates are pretty high.

Does Github provide an easier way to accomplish this?

PS: I’m not looking for full-code answers. Just a point into the right direction (docs?) would be more than sufficient.

PPS: I wasn’t sure if this was the correct topic as it fits both Github help and programming. Just picked programming because I think it fits better.