Webhooks - PullRequestEvent "labeled" action - previous labels?

I’m working with the PullRequestEvent webhook. I’m writing a tool that notifies a team on slack if a certain combination of labels are applied.There’s a primary ready-for-review label and one or more team-specific labels to determine which teams are notified.

For each team that is configured to get notified, the bot posts a message in their channel and records that it has done so so it never does it again.

I’m trying to modify the tool so that if the primary ready-for-review label is removed, then re-added, it notifies all the teams again with a follow up message. The quickest way for me to do that would be to receive not just the current labels, but the _change_ in labels that occurred.

I’m not seeing anything in the docs that indicates this is a possibility, but I figured I’d ask here, and maybe lobby to have it added :slight_smile: