Webhooks payload's IDs

Hi everyone!

I’m using Webhooks API to detect new changes in pull requests. But Webhooks response-payload contains only ‘databaseId’ values in ‘id’ fields. I. e. integer numbers instead of Global Relay IDs (hash-numbers).

It is possible to get Global Relay ID of the object via Webhooks API because I use GraphQL API after that and it requires Global Relay ID instead of ‘databaseId’? Or what I need to do with my problem? Maybe use REST (v3 API) instead of GraphQL(v4 API)? But GraphQL more convenient solution how I believe.

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The GraphQL documentation gives an example mutation that includes finding an issue’s GraphQL ID by its number that can easily be translated to doing the same for a pull request:

query {
  repository(owner:"octocat", name:"Hello-World") {
    pullRequest(number:349) {

You’re looking for the node_id field, not the id field (if your error was of the same type as mine: “int64 isn’t a defined input type (on $pullRequestID)”)

See messaage on https://developer.github.com/v4/guides/using-global-node-ids/ :

" Note: In REST, the global node ID field is named node_id. In GraphQL, it’s an id field on the node interface."

In case that won’t work, see other answer about using what information you do have (PR number, repo name) to create a query to get the node ID.