WebHooks from someone else's repository? Is that possible?

I need to receive ‘release’ events from third-party (that not belong to me) repository, so that I can rebuild my Docker images.

After reading https://developer.github.com/webhooks/:

>> Each event corresponds to a certain set of actions that can happen to your organization and/or repository.

So, I can’t receive WebHooks from not mine repositories?


No, it isn’t possible to receiive webhooks from an organization or repository that you do not own without an owner’s permission. If you can convince them to install the webhooks for you though, that might be an option.

You can, however, periodically check the releases API for new updates and generate your own events.



I think, pub/sub functionality on GitHub will be very cool thing.


Oh, I have met the same question these days.

Do you choose Polling now?

i agree. a subscription hook would be awesome to have. i currently have the same problem in front of me. i just want to set it as trigger for building docker images and auto deployment.


I use feed43 to build RSS for the repo, then use IFTTT to target simple webhook by RSS.

To call some complicate API like quay.io’s build target, I write a Google Script and call it by IFTTT’s webhook.

It works well for my personal project. Hope it can help you.

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