[Webhooks] "demilestoned" payload does not include removed milestone details

Receiving a “demilestoned” event is less useful than it could be, because it just includes a “null” milestone object. Since the GitHub UI itself shows that “<login> removed this from the <milestone name> milestone”, the removed milestone’s information should be available to webhook receivers as well.

I’m not really sure what else to say, here. I expected to find an object in the payload somewhere, but it doesn’t seem to exist (unless I’m suffering from Wee Hours Coding Blindness again).

Hi @dgw,

Thanks for being here! A couple of questions to better understand how to help:

  • Are you on an enterprise instance?
  • Were you authenticated?
  • Are you seeing a failure message?

Apologies for the extra questions, I think I might be having lack of coffee issues :slight_smile:

This is on GitHub.com. I don’t think there’s a way to authenticate webhook receivers… The whole webhook system is pretty fire-and-forget.

I did see an error on the webhook processing side because it was not programmed to handle a missing milestone object, but not on GitHub’s side.

Thanks for the follow-up, I’ll pass this along to our ecosystem team and post any news back here.

I just happened to examine a “demilestoned” event payload from the history today, and noticed that there is a “milestone” object beside the “issue” now. It appears to contain the details of the removed milestone.

This might be solved.

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