Web hook doesn't react to project actions

Hey, I’ve got a pretty simple issue.

Despite my repository webhook being set to include projects:

  • Project card created, updated, or deleted.

It doesn’t come through, nothing happens when I create a project card, update one, or delete one.

Using Discord webhooks, everything else works.

:wave: @KittyChloeDev –– Welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Thanks for posting this question.

I’m interested in seeing what you’re seeing. Could you please write back with more granular instructions for reliably reproducing the behavior you’ve observed? Sharing an example of this in the form of a public repository would be especially helpful for us to investigate further!

While we can’t speak to Discord’s webhooks infrastructure, have you considered using smee.io as a webhook target? It also may be worth double-checking your repository’s settings for listing recent deliveries to ensure that those deliveries were not fired at all.

I am having the same issue with Registry packages events. Discord just does not render any information on any channel.

My Recent Deliveries events shows a valid delivery and response of 204 but nothing shows up on my channels at all. I’m not sure if this is something that Discord needs to fix but figured I’d mention it here.

This still an issue. Here is a breakdown of what I did:

Step 1: Create a webhook in discord.
Step 2: Add the webhook in GitHub, set as json, send everything
Step 3: Push something, discord channel gets a message SUCCESS!
Step 4: Make a change in the Projects board, nothing shows up in discord.
Step 5: Check the webhook in GitHub and it shows a 204 for the card event even though Discord didn’t do anything with it.