Web editor for conflicts resolving does not work

Hi there,
Today (~ten last hours) I and some of my colleagues cannot open the web editor: https://github.com/user/repo/pull/80/conflicts just redirects to https://github.com/user/repo/pull/80.

I see the same error using both latest stable FF and Chrome, the same error is present in private mode. Me and my colleagues are in different networks.

Could you advise, please?

Hi @ALutchko

Wecome! :wave:

Are you able to share a link directly to the repository?
Is it public?
What is the error you receive?

Hi @ernest-phillips,
The repo is private, so unfortunately I can’t share it. Is there any other way?

There’s no error at all, the topmost request looks like this

Location header for that 302 is:

This is difficult to troubleshoot without seeing the actual repository. The private visibility keeps anyone without permissions from seeing into the repository and doing further investigation. If you are a part of an organization that has one of our paid plans, I recommend having an admin contact us directly about this issue.

Do you know how many lines are in the file? Do you know how many files are a part of the conflict?

Otherwise, please try the following:

  • Could you please try visiting the page again with browser extensions disabled, in an incognito/private browsing window, or in another browser?
  • In order for GitHub.com to function properly it requires JavaScript to be enabled. Could you please confirm that JavaScript is enabled in your browser?

This may sometimes occur when accessing GitHub using an outdated browser. We’d recommend downloading the latest release of a supported browser:

Last time it was 1 file with up to 10 conflicting lines.

We can schedule a screen sharing session with you if it helps. Will try to find an admin in our organization.