Web application for unit conversion of American to European measures

Hello everybody. I have assingment for my final student project to create web application for unit conversion from American to European measurement system, specifically recipe units. The idea is when user copies recipe into the field, the program must find ingredient, unit (or unit abbrevation) and value located next to unit and calculate it in European measures ( or vice versa), then return values together with belonging ingredient into another field. For example, “1 cup of flour” will show into another field like “140 grams of flour”. I must create mini database with most common units and use whichever technology I want. I have access to database and have domain and server for uploading my application online. The site will be one page website, with minimal design, so emphasis is on creating knowledge database, finding and converting unit measurements. Due to my limited knowledge, even wiith perpetually education, I am looking for help which technology should I use. Every advice and help is welcomed and I will be grateful for it. In exchange, I will put link to the website and share my recipes, advices for baking along with beautiful cakes, muffins, cookies… :slight_smile: And the most important thing, you can convert units immediately! Thank you

You could try to use a framework like Vue, React, or Angular. They often serve this purpose  very well.

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Thank you! I will explore solutions and choose one