We were hit by a hijacking attack on GitHub page

Hello GitHub Community.
I’m CEO of MaidCoin. Recently we were hit by a domain hijack attack on GitHub page. So I ask you for help.

We created a GitHub page for testing. as below.

Since then, we have created the official page below.

We removed the domain from our test page to use it on our official page.
After that, when we try to use the domain on the official page, we get an error.

We were hit by a hijacking attack on GitHub page.
Currently, if you go to app.maidcoin.org, you can see the messages left by the attacker.
And the attacker contacted us on Discord. And asked for compensation. This is very wrong.
We got this attack even though we went through the domain verification process. We tried to contact GitHub, but we couldn’t find a contact. So I’m asking for help here. Please help.


I cleared app.maidcoin.org from the other Page site given the blatant takeover.

To get back your domain:

  1. Delete the CNAME file at the root of your repository
  2. In the Pages settings for your repository, set the custom domain again

For future reference, you can reach out to the support directly at GitHub Support where someone will be able to help you promptly :slight_smile:

Anecdotally we are currently working on a feature to prevent domain takeovers. This should be available within few weeks. Domain verification today does not apply to Pages.

Hope this helps,