Watching all repos for an organisation

there’s an organisation that I’d like to watch all repos for. there are too many to manually do it. how can i do that

Hello @thetechrobo ,

At this time, there are no settings or features that allow you to follow all of an organization’s repositories. This would need to be done by going to each repository individually.

That being said, you can create a script with the REST API that can help you do this. These are the following endpoints that I would find most useful in building that out.

List organization repositories

Set repository subscription

You would essentially, request the currently available repositories from an org and use that information to run a loop through those and check to see if you are subscribed and if not then add the subscription.

For what it’s worth, I created a short python script to do this as I had to do it recently and I came across this answer.

Hopefully this is helpful to the next person who needs to do this.

You will need to create a personal api token and it uses basic auth.

Suggested improvements/changes/ideas more than welcome