Wasn't there supposed to be a brownout right now?

I understand there are supposed to be 2 brownouts today: one from 7 AM UTC to 10 AM UTC (which should be right now) and 1 from 4PM to 7 PM. During both of these brownouts, password-based Git authentication through Github is supposed to fail.

Thing is, I just managed to connect to Github using https://username:password@github.com/organization/repository, and while I did get an email stating password based authentication is deprecated, it did not fail as explained in the password based authentication deprecation blogpost.

Did I miss something somewhere? or did I somehow manage to circumvent the brownout by having first connected using a PAT to a different repo and only then connecting using a password?

I have same issue.
I have a completely new linux virtual machine ready to go. It needed to install git commands, so I never authenticated it before…

There was definitely a brownout, as quite a few people posted asking how to do something in response to it.

A number of people are actively encouraging deployment of ssh keys to migrate away from passwords for git access.

In my case, it started around 8:15 instead of 7:00. But the completion time remained at 10:00.