"was submitted too quickly" from GraphQL API


I cannot find any answer on the internet. I have a GitHub Action that does some changes to a project, pushes changes to a branch and creates a PR.

This process is done for like 30 repositories, one by one, not all at he same time.

Randomly PR creation fails with was submitted too quickly and I have no idea. I even added 5sec sleep between push and PR creation, no luck :frowning:
And 1month ago action worked perfectly without such issues

++ @derberg
I am having the exact same issue - added sleep as well. Issue’s occurrence seems unpredictable:

pull request create failed: GraphQL error: was submitted too quickly

FYI for me the only solution was implementing a primitive retry global-workflows-support/api-calls.js at f4ca843e978c802faba8247c5c28b2858c23ab5e · derberg/global-workflows-support · GitHub

Thanks @derberg!! Noted! Odd there is no other known solution to date.