warning: could not open directory 'studies/controleval/.../images/' : Function not implemented

After I type git status, I get the warning message

warning: could not open directory ‘Studies/ControlEval/…/images/’ : Function not implemented On branch master

I’m not sure what the warning means, and in particular how to fix things so that I do not get it. I have tried searching for this problem in Google but have not found any solutions. It is possible this may be related to my .gitignore where I have the line *.png as the images directory that is indicated in the warning is full of .png files. Apologies if this is an obvious problem, I am new to using git

Hi @jssimon01 and welcome,

No, it isn’t an obvious problem and I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. That error leads me to believe there is something weird going on with your filesystem.

  • What OS is this on?
  • Are you in some kind of virtual environment (Docker, VM, etc.?)
  • Did you try to perform the same operation on a different file system (this can be a different computer or a different drive)?
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Hi Mark,

Thank you for your response.

This is running on Windows 7. No virtual environments. 

The repository is on a network drive, not sure of the details of how that network drive is implemented by our IT department.

I just tried pulling this to a repo on my local hard drive. When I do a git status on the repository on my local drive there are no warning or error messages. So it seems to be some kind of a glitch on the network repository.

Best Wishes,


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Yeah, these errors are most of the time caused by the filesystem. I’d contact your IT administrator and ask them about the errors.

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I deleted files from the offending directory and found that the warning went away. I then copied a file back in being careful to just copy back ones that really needed to be there in case there were some spurious file causing the problem. The warning came back. Then I made further modifications to my .gitignore, as my original intent, before the warnings started, was to ignore the contents of the offending folder.  Finally the problem went away, but I’m not really sure what in the end solved it. So for now it is gone. Thank you for your help and ideas.

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