Warning about resolving conflicts in Github

This is a warning that could save you much pain.

When you resolve conflicts (associated with a pull request) in Github, their system will commit the changes that you make (when resolving) ont othe FROM branch in the pull request. 

I think this is a serious flaw (and I’ve reported it some months ago) because Github assume that it’s always OK to commit the resolve changes on the from branch because they assume one is always merging TO master FROM some feature/bug branch.

But if you are merging master INTO another branch (perhaps because master has been updated and you need the updates in a feature branch) this apprach ends up committing the changes TO master - effectively merging the feature prematurely into master.

Their system should ask which branch you want the resolve commit to go to.

So, you’ve been warned!

However, before doing things that can break your repository like merging it is always wise to read documentation (in this case https://help.github.com/articles/resolving-a-merge-conflict-on-github/) which clearly states how the process works.

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