Wanting to create a dashboard for Github organisations

Hey there!

I’m wanting to add a tab to my github organisation (https://github.com/acord-robotics) that, when clicked, will open up an iframe for a dashboard that my team currently uses. The reason for doing this is because we use tools like Zenhub, Issue.sh & the github actions/packages, all of which have tabs on the organisation page, and we feel that incorporating this would be useful for the team.

Basically, the dashboard is a simple bootstrap template we’ve created with its own web address, we just want to embed it in the github organisation. Whether that’s through iFrame or some other method, we don’t mind.

I have searched around for information about tabs on both projects and organisation pages and can’t find anything.



Hi Liam! :wave: That sounds like a fun project!

While GitHub itself doesn’t offer the option of adding custom tabs to your organization page, it sounds like this would be something you could achieve with a browser extension?

You can quickly create an extension that will only operate on a page that you specify, and that will inject content into the page as it’s loaded. In this case, you could add an extra tab to the dashboard and have it load your custom page, or just insert a link that would load the page in a modal?

There are lots of tutorials out there for creating extensions. Here’s are a couple that should point you in the right direction:

I’d be interested to hear how other people might implement this too!