Wait for Cirrus CI job to complete and then start a GH workflow

I have tests that run on Cirrus CI, and then a workflow that builds my app inside GitHub repo.

I wanted to know if there is a way to wait till all the Cirrus CI and other workflows are completed. Then run the deployment workflow in github.

Using the github api, there is a way to trigger a workflow run.

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I imagine you could use repository_dispatch:


So once your tests are done on CircleCI, you can send a repository_dispatch to GitHub.

You also mentioned “wait till all the Cirrus CI and other workflows”. If those other workflows are GitHub Action workflows, you can also use workflow_run:

This event occurs when a workflow run is requested or completed, and allows you to execute a workflow based on the finished result of another workflow. A workflow run is triggered regardless of the result of the previous workflow.


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