Vulnerability notifications

I’m trying to set my security team members up for vulnerability alerts, a la;

We have nearly 195 repositories to apply new recipients to, so I had thought to group these people into a team and do this through the API. I have not been able to find API call to do this, can someone confirm if this is possible?


I have the same issue…

Did you find a solution? 

I have not, and it’s a little frustrating honestly. So far I’m using the API to pull a list of repos that I can act on but haven’t been able to get any guidance on the mechanism to assign the reporting feature.

I am looking for any API to do the same. Is there any update on this? I don’t see any API yet and looks difficult to automate through HTTP requests, since the call seems to require random tokens (to prevent CSRF I believe).

This is not yet available in the API, which is extremely frustrating. I too have over a hundred repositories, many of which are owned by teams and those teams need to receive the vulnerability alerts (not me, I’m just the org owner and I can’t take any action for one of these alerts).