VScode will not sync; beginner here 1st post

Hey there, this is my first post and I’m not afraid to admit I’m very ignorant to everything, but I’m trying HARD. So here’s my issue. I have recently begun the Odin Project. I’m working with git now, or rather just getting started. I’m doing web development 101. So I’ve gone through all the steps, taken diligent notes and have come to a crossroads, I’ve spent hours trying to figure out and I just can’t. I’m working on Windows, I’m using Xubuntu on Oracle VM Virtual box. I’ve set up git and github. Running my first test project out of the repository. And for some reason I can’t sync my VScode. I’ve created a file, staged it and comitted it all within the designated directory. Then im asked to do it again (the <hello_world> one). So I create the file (README.md). And im supposed to open it in my text editor (which is Visual Studio Code). And the text editor is not recognizing the file I created. I just have it downloaded and appropriate programs installed (Live Server v5.6.1). So I realized I wasn’t logged in and I googled how to sync it. But the option to do so is not there. Everything else matched in the setting file but the option to sync was not there. I don’t if my suspicions are correct. But how do I link vscode with my git. Ive spent so much time trying to fix this on my own. PLEASE HELP! Thank you in advance