VScode: Device sync

Hey, I’m starting with web dev and i work from PC and laptop. How can I sync both devices to have same settings and files synced?

Sometimes I just go forward on one device and then I have to pass the file to my other device, I want to know if there is any way to do it automatically

Hey @JGuevara2 and welcome to the Community!

VSCode has a feature that allows you to sync your settings between devices if you link a Microsoft Account. You can read more about that over here: Settings Sync in Visual Studio Code

This, however, only synchronizes your editors’ settings. If you’d like to synchronize the code you’re working on, too, you should use Git for that. If you’re familiar with Git, go ahead and clone the repository to both devices: Cloning a repository - GitHub Docs . If, however, you’re not familiar with Git yet, look up a Git tutorial. If you get stuck, we’re here to help!